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Nike always use sport stars or leopard in its advertisements to emphasize their products can improve people’s ability of sports. In each advertisement there is a large brand name of Nike. Sometimes there is a short sentence on the image. The most famous words of Nike is “Just do it”. It tells people that don’t worry about they cannot reach their goals, Nike will help them make it.


Adidas advertisements also use sports as its theme. In most of its advertisements there is only a small brand name in the corner. The advertisements are images without any describing, which is meaningful and make people think. One of its concepts is that all kinds of people can be good at sports using their products as the second image shows.

I think Adidas has the most effective advertisements because its advertisements are close to the lives of normal people and images emphasize sports rather than sport stars. People worship sport stars but they know they cannot get to the same level. Therefore Nike’s advertisements let me feel that it is unrealistic for me. The advertisements of Adidas is very interest as well. As the image showed above, the person is faster than his shadow, so the image tells everything, no words are needed. That is really creative and attractive.